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Coaching with Deb Dowdle

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So, who am I?

Deb Dowdle, Life Coach & Author

Author, life coach, facilitator, speaker, and business owner. I’ve humbly accumulated these diverse titles over the last twenty-seven years working in the behavioral science industry. I’ve been thrilled to serve in corporate, military, government and non-profit arenas.

Today, I’m focused on consulting in a more intimate manner with clients through one-on-one coaching as well as running a foundation called My Reinvented Life.

I must interject, however, that I’m surely more defined by my personal roles of… mom to humans and beagles, and grandma to squishies! I’m a quilter, relishing quiet and creative moments at home. I love all things quantum, delving into subjects like the paranormal, dream interpretations, spiritualism, and near death experiences. I have an analytical mind and a quirky sense of humor… a bit of a nerd. I love to travel if there’s a meaningful history lesson in there somewhere or a chance for my soul to take a break. I like to think I can communicate with my garden, trees and animals, talking to them often. All things healthy and nourishing have a place on my dining room table, surrounded by family and friends. And being a life-long seeker of knowledge and wisdom gives me a deeper perspective into the things that really matter in my life. 

My background is a unique one! Transitioning out of an early life of polygamy and poverty in my mid-twenties, I feel like I’ve been on a cultural rollercoaster of education and experience ever since! I used to question the universe as to why my path was so diverse (and often very “hard"). Over time, my mindset has broadened. The innate scientist in me must have chosen this path as it has afforded me hands-on learning I would have never had otherwise.

My intention is that my unique journey will lift and empower yours!
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DD - MRL-Branding - Logo Design.png

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”
― Corrie Ten Boom

One-on-one Cultural Transition Coaching

Deb provides one-on-one coaching via My Reinvented Life, LLC, an organization that brings together qualified coaches with individuals who have chosen to exchange old thoughts and cultures for a life of their own design. 

4-Lenses Personality Assessment and Workshop Facilitation

The Four Lenses training helps participants learn how to:

  • Motivate reluctant people
  • Communicate with power

  • Strengthen leadership abilities

  • Reduce stress and conflict

  • Parent complicated children

  • Teach difficult learners

  • Create sensational relationships

4-Lenses Application Coaching for
Executives & Teams 

The 4 Lenses™ assessment is a proven personality assessment which helps organizations build a solid understanding of the innate talent and potential of its individuals. 

Deb coaches Executives and Teams on how to apply their assessment results within their organization to optimize communication, collaboration, and performance.

DD - MRL-Branding - Logo Design.png
DD - MRL-Branding - Logo Design.png

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

45 minutes via Zoom video link

“I believe that all paths cross for a providential purpose, and that each traveler is critical to enriching our stories.

Credentials & Experience

Deb Dowdle has twenty four years experience in the training and coaching industry. She is also a writer, a Non-profit Administrator, and is passionate about empowering individuals navigating through personal change and cultural transition.

October 2022 - Present

Executive Director and Chairman
My Reinvented Life (501(C)(3))

- Chairman and content design
- Marketing and partnership relations
- Fundraising and Event management

June 2007 - Aug 2008

Consultant, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
The Navigational Leadership Group
Lindon, UT

- Facilitate 4-Lenses and other personality and competency workshops
- Conduct leadership and executive coaching
- Customize and write curriculum design

September 2006 - June 2007

Vice President
The Navigational Leadership Group
American Fork, UT

- Manage strategic partnerships and alliances
- Facilitate 4-Lenses and other personality and competency workshops
- Conduct leadership and executive coaching

April 2003 - September 2006

Assistant Director

December 2001 – April 2002

Assistant Director of Leadership and Communication
Shipley Communication, LLC
Bountiful, UT

- Facilitate 4-Lenses and other personality and competency workshops
- Design coaching and workshop curriculums
- Sales and relationship management

- Manage strategic partnerships

September 2000 – September 2001

Specialized Sales, Training Measures and Accountability
Custom Solutions,

Franklin Covey Company
Salt Lake City, UT

- Sales partnering for full solution design
- Measurement and accountability training
- Marketing design



See What Clients Are Saying

Martina Martin
Senior VP, United Way of Central Maryland

"Thank you Deb Dowdle for helping me see the true north on my own path! It's never too late to get started on transforming..."

Martina Martin UW Baltimore.jpeg

Christopher Coyne
I.G. Brown Air National Guard
CEO Muletown Coffee, LLC

"Deb is truly one of a kind. Exceptional listener, wonderful encourager, and the most pleasant spirit around. She knows the right questions to ask to help you pick the right goals for you and is there every step of the way. 

Chris Coyne.jpeg
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